📺Full House Star - Part-Time Equestrian🐎

  |   Hollywood

Mary Kate-Olsen⭐ who played the adorable Michelle Tanner👶 in the popular TV series 📺'Full House' has apparently been building a career as a part-time equestrian🐎. Mary-Kate has been participating in the Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton, New York since 2013. She reportedly competed with 4⃣horses named: Prem' Dollar Boy, Feu d'Amour, Hertog Van't Merdehof and Virginia. The Hampton classic has attracted many big names like Tabitha Broderick (daughter of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick), Eve Jobs (daughter of Steve Jobs), Georgina Bloomberg (daughter of Michael Bloomberg), Romy Lauer (daughter of Matt Lauer) and Jessica Springsteen (daughter of Bruce Springsteen).
Watch Olsen compete at the 2015 Classic below📹https://goo.gl/ZjEU5A