Gabon: ‘Who is president of the republic, it’s me Jean Ping’

  |   Nigeria News

Under a campaign poster promising to protect the people of Gabon from "need and fear," a large patch of blood lay congealing on shiny white tiles.

"He was a lad of around 25 whom they shot through the window," explained opposition politician Fulbert Mayombo Mbenbjangoye as he escorted journalists late Friday around the headquarters of Jean Ping, who narrowly lost a August 27 election to President Ali Bongo but who has dismissed the result as rigged.

– 'Behaving like a king' –

"I thought of my children and I told myself I did not want to die because of Ali Bongo," said Myboto, recalling that during the raid she found the police to be courteous but the presidential guard very arrogant.

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