Govt.🏛Presses for Judge⚖ Screening🔎 Panel

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

The Centre🏛 insists that its screening committee recommendations for vetting🔎 judicial appointments at the Supreme🏤 & High Court🏣 levels, as well as a national security clause, must be accepted✅. The judiciary, however, is offering stiff resistance😤 towards it. The Centre🏛 believes that the procedure for appointment✅ of judges isn’t in line with the Court’s intention🤔 to make the process more transparent & broadbase the selection of judges⚖. The provision for the SC🏤 screening panel to inspect the record of screening panels👥 in HCs will function as a 2⃣-layer system. It will reduce the possibility of overlooking worthy candidates😎 while also increasing accountability👍. The Centre🏛 is convinced that these measures are well within the realm of the 🏤SC's directions which aims to improve the appointment process, following its decision to end❌ the National Judicial Appointments Commission.

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