🇵🇰Pak Finally Admits to 🏴ISIS Presence

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

On Thursday, for the first time ever, 🇵🇰Pakistan’s military admitted✅ that 🏴ISIS had a presence in the country. However, it said that 309 militants💀 had been apprehended. The army's spokesman Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa👮🏼 said planned attacks by 🏴ISIS on foreign embassies & Islamabad 🛫airport were foiled. However, he denied❌ the 👥group was behind a suicide blast on a hospital🏥 that killed 73 last month, as claimed by 🏴ISIS. ISIS entered 🇵🇰Pakistan in Jan 2015 after 6⃣ Taliban leaders swore allegiance from Al-Qaeda☠ to 🏴ISIS. Pakistan has been fighting ISIS after it allied with the 🇺🇸US when the US invaded 🇦🇫Afghanistan in 2001. Bajwa said🔉, “Daesh (ISIS) tried to make an ingress into Pakistan, but the core of its group have now been apprehended.”

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