Phelps🏊 & Fallon📺 Play Egg🍳 Roulette 📹:

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By Shadowfax🐎

Michael Phelps🏊 and popular TV show📺 host Jimmy Fallon played a round of Russian egg roulette🍳 on 'The Tonight Show' on September 1st and guess what❓ Phelps lost❗ The record Olympic gold winner🏅 admitted to being nervous about getting raw egg😳 on his face but also talked about his 'angry face' meme😠 that went viral during Rio 2016. He said🔈, "As I'm making a face, I'm like, 'Yep, that's on camera. Someone will pick that one up tomorrow." Fallon then proceeded to pull out a life-size cutout😂 of the image and joked😉, "Not only is he going to beat me at swimming, he's going to murder me."

Watch Phelps get beaten on the egg roulette here 📹:

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Original Image Credit📷: youtube thumbnail