Pixel Phones📱, Echo🔉, & 🕶VR in Oct🍂

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

G👀gle will show off some new hardware⚙ this fall. This time, however, most of G👀gle’s projects are still works in progress🛠 & Nexus is reportedly being replaced🗑 by a new ‘Pixel’ line of smart📱phones. The announcements will be made on 4⃣ October at an event. The Pixel & Pixel XL smart📱phones will also be revealed.
The company will also show off their G👀gle Home smart speaker🔉, which they did before at I/O this May, & a headset for Daydream 🕶VR created by G👀gle. Daydream 🕶VR is the VR platform built into 🤖Android 🌰Nougat.
They will also showcase a version of the Chromecast that supports 4K🖥.

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