Ask👩Didi: What to do When You Need Space

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+263...6⃣ how do i tell my boo that i wanna create distance between us
+277...2⃣ im i wrong if i want space?

Dear All,

Every close relationship needs space sometimes. It is important for you to express yourself as an individual, and appreciate when your partner needs to do the same.

I have 2⃣ pieces of advice depending on your situation:

Situation 1⃣ you want space so that it will be easier to break 💔 up:
In this case, there are no half measures, have the conversation and end the relationship respectfully. Creating distance won't make a breakup any easier, plus it will prolong your agony❗️

Situation 2⃣ you want space, but you also want to work on the 💑 relationship:
In this case, start doing more of your own thing, you don't need permission for this, as long as you're not hurting your partner. It's important to explain to your partner that you're committed to the relationship, that you love them, but you need a ilttle space. Do take the time to communicate with your partner and tell them how long you need space. Even better, try to build your space into your weekly routine, it is a lot less drastic that way.


Duta Didi

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