On This Day🌄 November5

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Guy Fawkes Night in Great Britain and some Commonwealth countries (1605)

1138 – Lý Anh Tông was enthroned as emperor of Đại Việt at the age of two, starting a 37-year reign.

1898 – Filipinos on Negros Island revolted against Spanish rule and established the short-lived Republic of Negros.

1916 – An armed confrontation in Everett, Washington, US, between local authorities and members of the Industrial Workers of the World resulted in seven deaths.

1983 – Five workers on the Byford Dolphin (pictured) semi-submersible oil rig were killed in an explosive decompression while drilling in the Frigg gas field in the North Sea.

2009 – Major Nidal Malik Hasan of the United States Army went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, the worst shooting ever to take place on an American military base.