Melania Trump worked in U.S. without proper permit

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Melania Trump, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and an immigrant from Slovenia, was paid for 10 modeling jobs in 1996 before she received legal authorization to work in the United States, the Associated Press reported Friday night. The AP cited detailed ledgers from Melania Trump’s modeling agency, as well as a contract she signed with the firm, concluding she was paid more than $20,000 for the work over a period of seven weeks. The finding contradicts repeated statements from both Melania and Donald Trump, who have insisted that she scrupulously followed U.S immigration law when she came to the United States as a striving model. It also creates a potential political embarrassment for the Republican nominee, who has based much of his campaign on a vow to crack down on illegal immigration -- including deporting people who have violated the terms of their immigration status.

From The Washington Post: