🤓SRK Reveals 💪Salman & 😎Aamir’s Sleep Habits

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By Fråst🐺

Recently, in an interview, Shah Rukh Khan spoke about his relationship with two other Khans of 🌟Bollywood. He said that sometimes 💪Salman, 😎Aamir & himself 🔊“speak as to how we can make a difference by working together, but that's just the good things I am telling you. We even talk dirty shit”. He went on to say the once 💪Salman said to him🔊, “We are so lucky! God has given us so much. You know at our age, people are preparing themselves for retirement, but we are really fortunate. Chal let's have a drink!” 🤓SRK explained that when 💪Salman said those words reminded him of how grateful they both were of their success. 🤓SRK also said that he & 💪Salman were night owls so they always find time to hang out. He said he was surprised no one had yet 👀rumoured about them being in a relationship seeing as they spend so much time together. however, 😎Aamir rarely ventures out after 9⃣ pm as he was strict about routines.

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS