The Abasi Rosborough Designers Produced an Emotional New Photo Shoot About the 2016 Election

  |   Fashion

Young upstarts like Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough of the three-year-old New York men's line Abasi Rosborough are just as concerned about the election as some of the more established figures in American fashion.

The line, which the two founded to bring an innovative, wearable approach to men's suiting, has since widened its focus to include other pieces in the male wardrobe - like jean jackets and hoodies - with a modern sensibility.

For Fall 2016, Abasi and Rosborough shot a campaign that expresses their dismay at the negativity called forth by the presidential contest. As Rosborough says, "An election for the individual that should represent the best of our people has brought out the worst side of our country."

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