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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 925

Raamkalee Fifth Mehl: Meditate on the Lord, Har, Har, O mind; don't forget Him, even for an instant. Enshrine the Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam, Raam, within your heart and throat. Enshrine within your heart the Primal Lord, Har, Har, the all-pervading, supreme, immaculate Lord God. He sends fear far away; He is the Destroyer of sin; He eradicates the unbearable pains of the terrifying world-ocean. Contemplate the Lord of the World, the Cherisher of the World, the Lord, the Virtuous Lord of the Universe. Prays Nanak, joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, remember the Lord, day and night. ||1|| His lotus feet are the support and anchor of His humble servants. He takes the Naam, the Name of the Infinite Lord, as his wealth, property and treasure. Those who have the treasure of the Lord's Name, enjoy the taste of the One Lord. They meditate on the Infinite Lord with each and every breath, as their pleasure, joy and beauty. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the Destroyer of sins, the only deed of redemption. The Naam drives out the fear of the Messenger of Death. Prays Nanak, the support of His lotus feet is the capital of His humble servant. ||2|| Your Glorious Virtues are endless, O my Lord and Master; no one knows them all. Seeing and hearing of Your wondrous plays, O Merciful Lord, Your devotees narrate them. All beings and creatures meditate on You, O Primal Transcendent Lord, Master of men. All beings are beggars; You are the One Giver, O Lord of the Universe, Embodiment of mercy. He alone is holy, a Saint, a truly wise person, who is accepted by the Dear Lord. Prays Nanak, they alone realize You, unto whom You show Mercy. ||3|| I am unworthy and without any master; I seek Your Sanctuary, Lord. I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice, a sacrifice to the Divine Guru, who has implanted the Naam within me. The Guru blessed me with the Naam; happiness came, and all my desires were fulfilled. The fire of desire has been quenched, and peace and tranquility have come; after such a long separation, I have met my Lord again. I have found ecstasy, pleasure and true intuitive poise, singing the great glories, the song of bliss of the Lord. Prays Nanak, I have obtained the Name of God from the Perfect Guru. ||4||2|| Raamkalee, Fifth Mehl: Rise early each morning, and with the Saints, sing the melodious harmony, the unstruck sound current of the Shabad. All sins and sufferings are erased, chanting the Lord's Name, under Guru's Instructions. Dwell upon the Lord's Name, and drink in the Nectar; day and night, worship and adore Him. The merits of Yoga, charity and religious rituals are obtained by grasping His lotus feet. Loving devotion to the merciful, enticing Lord takes away all pain. Prays Nanak, cross over the world-ocean, meditating on the Lord, your Lord and Master. ||1|| Meditation on the Lord of the Universe is an ocean of peace; Your devotees sing Your Glorious Praises, Lord. Ecstasy, bliss and great happiness are obtained by grasping hold of the Guru's feet. Meeting with the treasure of peace, their pains are taken away; granting His Grace, God protects them. Those who grasp the Lord's feet - their fears and doubts run away, and they chant the Name of the Lord. He thinks of the One Lord, and he sings of the One God; he gazes upon the One Lord alone.