Clinton would win in England, France, Mexico, Germany..but not Russia.

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Most citizens in other countries see tomorrow’s U.S. election as important for the world at large, not least because of its influence on economic markets around the world. For that reason, we recently conducted polls in seven key countries. Across the map, we found overwhelming support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. The exception is hardly surprising: Russia. On Oct. 26 and 27, we sampled 500 respondents in each of seven countries, using each country’s dominant language. These countries were Australia/New Zealand (combined), United Kingdom, Canada, France, Mexico, Germany and Russia. The poll is a random sample from Pollfish’s panels, which are created by embedding Pollfish’s polling tool in a large swath of mobile applications in each country. The results have been weighted to be representative in terms of age and gender.

From The Washington Post: