The 10 Best Model Moments in Film

  |   Fashion

When it premiered at Cannes last month, The Neon Demon (which opens tomorrow) was greeted with both bravos and boos, which is pretty much what you'd expect from a movie made by provocateur Nicolas Winding Refn.

Set in a Los Angeles fashion scene so visually spectacular it makes Las Vegas look like Omaha, the movie centers on Jesse, an aspiring model (Elle Fanning, just perfect) whose blend of naivete and canniness makes her either the hunted or the hunter in a world that often eats up lovely young women.

But no actress has ever been better suited to playing a model, as she shows in Stanley Donen's musical about an egg-headed, fashion-mocking Greenwich Village bookstore clerk, Jo Stockton-that's Hepburn-who gets turned into a cover girl by a magazine editor (Kay Thompson) and famous fashion photographer (Fred Astaire).

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