Ask👩Didi: Boyfriend Got Someone Else Pregnant❓

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+263...1⃣ how to handle a situation whereby your boyfriend impregnated another girl

Dear +263...1⃣,

Let me break this down:

👎When your guy cheats on you with somebody else that's bad. Then he gets the other woman pregnant it is NO GO❗️Even if you can forgive him:

👶He'll be too busy with his new baby to pay attention to you

🍼He will be too busy with the woman he cheated on you with because she is the mother of his child

🚼If you do stay together you'll always feel second best

Dump him NOW❗There are plenty of good guys out there who have not cheated on you that has not resulted in a lifelong consequence❗️

Believe in yourself!,

Duta Didi

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