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Dear All - This is a really common question. Usually advice tells you that 'it will happen naturally'. Here are Didi's step-by-step tips for 💏kissing with confidence:

Step 1⃣ Make your move. Move closer so that you're face to face

Step 2⃣ Establish direct eye contact. Make sure you don't glare

Step 3⃣ When there's intense eye contact for a remarkable period of time, it's a signal that a kiss will happen

Step 4⃣ You or your partner will lean their face towards the other person’s face

Step 5⃣ Prevent an awkward collision, nose bump or mis-aim by keeping your eyes open

Step 6⃣ When your faces are almost close enough to touch, slowly tilt your head a little to the side

Step 7⃣ As you tilt your head, slowly close your eyes, and part your lips, like you're about to sip form a cup, not too wide

Step 8⃣ You're about to achieve lip to lip contact, Do make sure you close your eyes when your lips touch. Kissing with eyes open can freak out your partner

Step 9⃣ When your lips touch the position should your upper lip is nuzzled between your partner’s lips and your lower lip is just below their lower lip. I.e. The lip sandwich

As you get more experienced, you can work on your technique and move from kissing lips to the neck and chin. I suggest practising on your hand, specifically on the skin between the thumb and forefinger
Practice makes perfect,

Duta Didi

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