Cheating💔 & Jealous Penguin🐧 Video Goes Viral📹:

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By Fråst🐺

A video📹 of a penguin ❤love triangle has gone viral where, after the husband comes home to his wife💕, finds her with another penguin😱. Soon a fight breaks out & the husband😐 & home-wrecker😈 can be seen battering👊 each other with their beaks & hard wings to the point where we can actually see them bleed😨 quite badly. It’s not a happy ending😕… at least for the husband. Fans on social media👥 have even gone online & created twitter🐦 accounts to personalise the penguins – the wife, the husband & the home wrecker. Mr Penguin the husband was praised for his urge to fight for his ❤love & given a virtual pat on the back.
Check it out📹:

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Original Image Credit📷: still from video