🗳Decision 🇺🇸2016: Biggest Election Issues

  |   World News

This election has been atypical to say the least, with Trump's hot 🎙mic scandals and subsequent allegations of sexual abuse, to Clinton's personal 📧email server for classified materials whilst she was Secretary of State and the fine line between the Clinton Foundation and foreign powers while she was in office. Here's where each stands on major issues:

🌎Foreign Policy:
🐘Trump: America-first, he's suggested not coming to the aid of some NATO countries and said he would work with challenging world leaders, such as Putin. Suggests that it's too east for the Chinese to flood the US with their cheaply made goods.
🐴Clinton: Wants to use diplomacy to address problems abroad, stand by US allies, and stand her ground with rivals such as Russia and China.

🐘Trump: He's said the Bill Clinton negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a bad deal for America. He's also said he'd renegotiate or end the North American Free Trade Agreement and label China a currency manipulator.
🐴Clinton: She has flip flopped on TPP, thus her position is not clear.

🐘Trump: Calls global warming "a hoax" set in motion by the Chinese. He has told coal miners he'd save their jobs by cutting funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.
🐴Clinton: Wants to combat climate change and boost renewable energies, cut waste and reduce the United States' dependency on oil.

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