Even before 2016 is over, the race for 2020 is well underway

  |   World News

Long before the first polling places opened on Election Day 2016, the race for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination was already underway. It has been unfolding in early primary states, where potential candidates have been introducing or reintroducing themselves. It has been on display in purple battlegrounds where they are helping in down-ballot contests. And behind the scenes, would-be contenders have sought face time with party power brokers eager to size them up. “I think it’s already happening now,” said Rep. Tom Cole (Okla.), a veteran GOP strategist. Cole identified another significant way the prospective candidates are laying a foundation: by embracing or shunning Donald Trump. “You’ve seen some pretty dramatic reversals of people deciding they couldn’t be for Trump and they are for Trump. Now, part of that to me is about positioning for presidential contests.”

From The Washington Post: https://goo.gl/NDXALn