GIFs📹 Finally Come to 💬WhatsApp

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By Fråst🐺

💬WhatsApp has finally made it possible to send & receive GIFs📹 after a rather long wait. Fortunately, to make up for the wait, it does more than just that. Now you can also🔎 search Giphy’s GIF library to find animations to use in your conversations from within 💬WhatsApp. It’s also incorporated a ⚡powerful GIF editor that lets you add captions, stickers, drawings, etc, & you can also ✂cut down the GIF length. But there’s more! You can also convert videos📹 that are a maximum of 6⃣ seconds long into GIFs. Finally, you can now send Live Photos as GIFs. Some of these features were available to 👥users testing the beta version of 💬WhatsApp; today, they’re rolling out more widely

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Original Image Credit📷: Phone screenshot