🐱Kat or DP: Who Will Pair Up with 🤓SRK❓

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Bollywood / Deepika Padukone / Katrina Kaif

By Fråst🐺

It seems like the war between 🐱Katrina Kaif & 💁🏻Deepika Padukone over ‘Cassanova’ Ranbir Kapoor is well known to everyone. However, the war might be getting worse as filmmaker Anand Rai revealed that he might use both actresses in his new movie with 🤓SRK as the lead male. Initially it was heard that the role was offered to 💁🏻Deepika but she turned it down due to lack of time. It seems that 💁🏻Deepika now has time for the film, but 🐱Katrina has already been selected for it. 🐱Katrina has clearly stated that she will opt out of the project if she has to share the screen with 💁🏻Deepika.

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