✌Modi & 🇬🇧May on 👹Mallya, ☠Terrorism, & ☢Energy

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After 🇬🇧UK PM 👵🏻Theresa May’s visit to PM ✌Modi on Monday, promises were made between the leaders. 🇮🇳India gave a list of 57 suspects they want extraditing & it’s expected that Vijay 👹Mallya, Lalit ✌Modi & Christian Michel are on that list. The 🇬🇧UK gave a list of 17 suspects. A joint statement on anti-☠terrorism also made a reference to 🇵🇰Pakistan’s acts in the 2008 🌃Mumbai 💥attacks. It said 🔊“There should be no glorification of terrorists or efforts to make a distinction between good & bad terrorists. They agreed that South Asia should be stable, prosperous & free from terror & called on all countries to work towards that goal.” They also agreed✅ that the fourth phase of their joint 🇬🇧UK-🇮🇳India Civil☢ Nuclear Research Programme 🔊“will look at new technologies that contribute to enhancing nuclear safety, advanced materials for nuclear systems, waste management, & future civil nuclear energy systems.”

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