New poll: 30% of Trump supporters say they’ll protest the election if he loses

  |   World News

After the votes are counted Tuesday night, how will Americans react if their candidate loses? Speculation abounds. Our recent surveys indicate that supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will respond differently, with Trump voters more likely to say they would protest the legitimacy of the election and encourage lawmakers to engage in political obstruction. We drew these conclusions from a poll we conducted with 1,250 Americans on Nov. 3. As we have described in previous posts, we conduct our survey using Pollfish. (For more on our methodology, see here and here.) We first asked whether respondents believed the United States would lose its “competitive edge” in the world if their preferred candidate loses. In the figure below, 82 percent of Clinton supporters and 88 percent of Trump supporters agreed that the country would fall behind if the other side won.

From The Washington Post: