Novelty Socks Are Fashion’s Newest Necessity for 2016

  |   Fashion

Historically, novelty socks were the ugly Christmas sweater of the feet, possessing a level of spoof that should be neither seen nor heard, despite their tendency to get pretty loud.

They were something to be worn at home, alone, with a pair of decidedly unsexy pajamas, a last resort on laundry day when your no-show pair went mysteriously missing. These days, if you don’t own - and regularly rock - a novelty sock, what the heck are you wearing on your feet?

Take it from Rihanna, universally adored fashion maverick, staunch Stance supporter, sometimes creative director, and no stranger to the decorated toe warmer, who is just as likely to wear a fluff-trimmed pair with pumps and a matching pink Fendi frock as a lace-frill-adorned pum pum sock with an open-toe sandal.

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