PM ✌Modi’s Surprise 👥Public Address📹:

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PM ✌Modi addressed the entire nation at 8⃣ pm today (Tuesday) & spoke on a variety of subjects from 🇵🇰Pakistani shelling in J&K, 🇮🇳India’s security & the 👹corruption faced by the nation.

✌Modi said that the 🏛Govt. is dedicated to the poor & and will continue to do so. He listed out all the various schemed launched🚀 by the NDA like the Jan Dhan Yojana. He said that it was everyone’s responsibility to eradicate poverty & blamed 👹corruption & black money as the biggest hurdles to doing so.
Along with 👹corruption, he said that ☠terrorism has come in the way of 🇮🇳India’s economic growth & 💀terrorists from across the border were spreading counterfeit currency notes. ✌Modi said🔉, “There is a time when you realise that you have bring some changes in society, & this is our time to feel the same.” PM

✌Modi then said that as of midnight on Tuesday (tonight), all ₹500 & ₹1000 notes will no longer be considered as legal tender, but just “papers from tomorrow”.
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✌Modi also said that no restrictions will be made on internet banking, cash, & demand draft transactions. Government 🏥hospitals & international airports will be exempt from these restrictions. There will be a ₹10,000 daily 💵cash withdrawal & ₹20,000 weekly 💵cash withdrawal limit.

Curiously, ✌Modi also said that a new series of ₹500 currency notes & ₹2000 currency notes will be brought into circulation as the 🏦RBI has decided to limit the notes with higher value. The 🏦RBI governor will also address the media on these matters.

Watch ✌Modi’s address here📹:

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Original Image Credit📷: Reserve Bank of India