🗳Decision 🇺🇸2016: Obama speaks.

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Obama congratulated President-Elect Trump on his win last night. He promised a professional and successful transition of power to the new President. He said he and the entire country was rooting for Trump's success. He was proud of Secy Clinton for her historic run and the example she set for women in the country. He reminded all Americans that they were on the same team, all Americans first. He is heartened that Trump agrees with him. He is confident that his team leaves the country in a stronger position than it was 8 years ago when he took office. He echoed Clinton's remarks on not losing hope but continuing to fight for what is right.

Obama will be the President until January 19, 2017. President-Elect Trump will be inaugurated for a 4⃣ year term on January 20, 2017.

With a Republican Congress and Republican President taking office next year, President Obama is likely to see his signature accomplishments as President partially or wholly rolled back.