📕‘SRK 25 Years of A Life on Shah Rukh Khan’📕

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By Fråst🐺

Writer & filmmaker📽 Samar Khan launches his book📕, ‘SRK 25 Years of A Life on Shah Rukh Khan’ today (Wednesday). Samar has known 🤓SRK for the past 20 years & took 4⃣ years to put the book together with co-author🖊 Sonali Kokra. Samar says he wanted to show why 🤓SRK’s 📽directors thought of such iconic characters for the actor. Samar revealed that🔊 “every piece (of character) he (🤓SRK) does, leaves a piece behind & today he a culmination of all the characters he has ever played in his life.” Samarth spoke to all the filmmakers 🤓SRK has worked with except Raj Kanwar, who passed away💐, & Shashilal Nair who he couldn’t contact. An extract from the book reveals that Aditya Chopra📽 considers 🤓SRK to be the best🎭 actor in the 🌐world & elaborates on the different roles 🤓SRK plays.

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS