Trump makes his victory speech❗️

  |   World News

Trump's running mate, Mike Pence took the stage to address Trump's impending victory. He was introduced as "Vice President Elect", clearly showing that the Trump camp is ready to claim victory, going on to introduce President Elect Donald Trump.

An emotional, seemingly humbled Trump took the stage with his family and addressed a giddy crowd. Trump said that he received a call from Secretary Clinton. He wanted to reach out to Clinton supporters to work with them to unify the country. He expressed gratitude for the movement that was sparked by his campaign.

Trump struck a conciliatory tone, "I have spent my career looking for untapped potential, and I'll be looking for untapped potential for our country." He expressed a desire to rebuild infrastructure, making it "second to none". Trump went on to say, "We will get along with all countries that are willing to get along with us. We must reclaim our country's destiny. I want to tell the world's countries that we will seek common ground."

He went on to thank his family for putting up with long hours and a tough campaign, and for providing him with support, as well as many of his surrogates, Rudi Giuliani, Governor Chris Christie and Senator Jeff Sessions.