👱🏼Trump’s Website💻 Down Momentarily

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By Fråst🐺

During the final hours of the presidential election🗳, it seems like the Re👥publicans were too busy voting & leaving 👱🏼Trump’s website’s security down. A glitch on the press release page of Donald 👱🏼Trump’s website allowed 👥users to have whatever text they entered⌨ at the end of the URL appear at the top of the page. So, for a few hours, the internet played around the site & had a little fun😄.
Meanwhile, here are the best tweets🐦 after the verdict was out:

@CameronComeau16💬: “How did we let these clowns come this close to presidency” asks a nation on its 6th month of mourning a gorilla
@petridishes💬: voting is the one time where they actually give you a sticker for being an adult
@davidmrattigan💬: REMEMBER: you're not just voting for president. You're voting for the next robot in Disney World's Hall of Presidents
@JoshMarvine💬: “The iPhone doesn't have a headphone jack but the Galaxy literally explodes” is a perfect metaphor for this election.

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Original Image Credit📷: https://goo.gl/GPfKql