America, meet your new first lady

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Melania Trump, who will become just the second foreign-born first lady in US history, will assume the very public role after having spent much of her husband's presidential campaign avoiding the campaign trail and the limelight, saying she preferred to remain home in New York to care for the couple's only son, who is 10.

That's because Trump said in a speech last week outlining the priorities she would bring to the East Wing that in addition to "helping children and women," she said combatting cyber bullying will be "one of the main focuses" of her work as first lady.

But while her agenda as first lady may be tinged with irony, Melania Trump has in many ways been a balancing force for her husband -- chiding him in private when his temper flared and he lashed out on Twitter at his political opponents and urging him to be more "presidential" in their private conversations.

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