🇮🇳Indian Team Plans to Land🚀 on the Moon

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By Fråst🐺

A private company located in 🌆Bangalore, 🇮🇳India, called TeamIndus is the only 🇮🇳Indian entrant into the international G👀gle Lunar X-Prize competition where contestants must land a private spacecraft on the moon. If they win they’ll get the honour of being the first private company to land on the moon – something the 🇮🇳Indian 🏛Govt. has yet to do – as well as a 💲20 M prize. TeamIndus has more than 💯 👥people working under it & was one of 3⃣ teams to win the X-prizes 1⃣ M milestone 🎖award for lunar lander technology. It’s also on its way to raising more than 💲10 M in funds. However, the company have to launch a contract by December 2017. To complete the X-Prize🏆 requirements, the spacecraft’s lander will need to roll at least 500 meters along the surface while also sending HD images & video📹 of the moon back to 🌎Earth.

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Original Image Credit📷: TeamIndus