✌Modi Going to 🇯🇵Japan to Sign ☢N-Deal

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On Friday, PM ✌Modi will go to 🇯🇵Japan for on a three-day visit to sign a civil☢ nuclear deal & improve areas of trade, investment & security. ✌Modi will hold the annual Summit 👥meeting along with 🇯🇵Japanese 👔PM Shinzo Abe & meet the Emperor of 🇯🇵Japan in Tokyo as well. From there, Abe & ✌Modi will travel to Kobe’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries🏭 facility by bullet train which will be used in the 🌃Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Railway🚝. This will be his second visit to 🇯🇵Japan as Prime Minister. ✌Modi will also interact with business leaders from 🇮🇳India & 🇯🇵Japan to discuss how ties can be strengthened between the two nations. ✌Modi said🔉, “Our partnership with Japan is characterized as a Special Strategic and Global Partnership. India and Japan see each other through a prism of shared Buddhist heritage, democratic values, and commitment to an open, inclusive and rules-based global order.”

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS