Movie Review📽: Rock On 2 & More

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By SuperTramp🍀

Rock On 2:
Duta Rating ⭐⭐(2/5)
8⃣ years after the original rocked the screens, the sequel barely manages a whimper😟. 'Magik' disbands once again. ⭐Farhan Akhtar's character finds something new to do again, 💪Arjun Rampal is still unhappy about life and Purab Kohli is eager to bring the band back again. This is basically Rock On Too. However, the film just doesn't work with poor pacing, a contrived twist😳 & hummable songs with poor visualisations📹. Shraddha Kapoor💃 and Shashank Arora play the poorly written new additions who act as a catalyst for the reunion.

🎬Director: Shujaat Saudagar

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Dongri ka Raja:
Duta Rating ⭐(1/5)
A love❤ story set against the backdrop of the Mumbai underworld💣 which borrows heavily from every Hindi film of the similar mould. This is a movie that has all the cliches in place including the mandatory item number(features Sunny Leone☀), the heroine appealing🙏 to her hitman boyfriend's conscience, violence👊 and betrayal. Click here for Sunny Leone's song📹

🎬Director: Hadi Ali Abrar

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Yeh Hai Lollipop :
Duta Rating ⭐(1/5)
A producer, in a bid to avoid taxes💸, hires a failed writer✍ to deliver a flop👎. The writer who hangs out in the mall🏢 builds his story based on the characters in the mall. Om Puri is terrific as the writer looking for cues but the rest of the cast and poor script(the film is meta that way) lets him down😟.

🎬Director: Manoj Sharma

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