On This Day🌄 November11

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Independence Day in Angola (1975) and Poland (1918)

Veterans Day in the United States

1778 – American Revolutionary War: British forces and their Seneca allies attacked a fort and the village of Cherry Valley, New York, killing 14 soldiers and 30 civilians.

1805 – War of the Third Coalition: French, Austrian and Russian units all suffered heavy losses in the Battle of Dürenstein.

1918 – The armistice treaty between the German Empire and the Allies was signed in a railway carriage in the Forest of Compiègne of France.

1926 – The plan for the United States Numbered Highway System was approved by the American Association of State Highway Officials.

1975 – During a constitutional crisis in Australia, Governor-General John Kerr dismissed the government of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam (pictured) and dissolved Parliament for a double dissolution election.