❓Ask Duta: Trump's domestic policy

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  • Obamacare: Obamacare was a law enacted by Congress that made it easier for all Americans to obtain healthcare. In 2013, around 41M Americans had no access to healthcare, that number is now down to 28M due to Obamacare. Trump believes that Obamacare has been a disaster and would ask Congress to repeal it. He has promised to replace it with a "much better system," although the details on this system have not been forthcoming.

  • Gun ownership: A Republican Congress will not pass any new laws restricting gun ownership and Trump will likely not sign any such law were it to be passed. He will have the opportunity to appoint at least 1 Supreme Court justice, and it is likely that the person he appoints would be in favour of liberalising rather than restricting gun ownership (as was the justice who used occupy that seat).

  • Homosexuality: Gay marriage is the law of the land in the USA and would require a Constitutional amendment to roll back, this is extremely unlikely. Trump has not laid out any specific policy agenda on this matter.

  • Abortion: Abortion is legal, but Congress and the states have restricted it in many ways. Since the Supreme Court justice that he appoints is likely to favour more restrictions on abortion rather than fewer (like this predecessor), this will continue to be a flash point in US politics.

  • Social Security/Medicare: These refer to the guaranteed (but small) pension and healthcare for all retirees. In one of the few areas of agreement between Trump and Clinton, Trump has said that he believes these programs should be strengthened and not weakened (a break from traditional Republican position).

  • Marijuana: Many states have made marijuana possession and personal consumption legal. It is still illegal under federal law. President Obama had promised to honor the will of the states in this regard. It is not known what President Trump's policy will be.

  • Economy: Trump has promised to make the economy grow faster (no details), tax companies that move jobs and plants overseas (unlikely but possible), cut taxes for most Americans, raise taxes on some types of income, and cut corporate taxes. He will "bring back jobs" from China and Mexico (not clear if possible), and will likely provide an infrastructure boost to the economy.

  • Crime: He believes in controversial policies such as "stop and frisk" where policemen could stop and frisk anyone they deemed suspicious. He does not appear to believe that African-Americans are unfairly targeted.

  • Climate change: He does not believe in it, and will probably not take any action to help roll back global warming