❓Ask Duta: Trump on African Nations / India /Aid

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  • Free trade: Trump believes free trade agreements such as NAFTA and TPP are bad for America and would renegotiate them or cancel them entirely. He has said he will slap a tariff on imported goods to encourage domestic industry.

  • Policy on Nigeria/Zimbabwe/Africa: Trump has not stated any position on how he perceives African countries. He has stated that Somalian refugees have been bad for US towns and society.

  • Policy on India/Pakistan: Trump has not stated any official position on India or Pakistan. He did appear at a Hindu-Diwali gathering and tried to speak/spoke Hindi in an advertisement targeted at Indians.

  • Russia: Trump does not believe Russia is the mortal enemy of the US that Clinton's team made them out to be. Indeed it appears that his campaign might have had some collaboration with Putin's administration. Trump will probably work with Putin rather than against him.

  • 3rd world countries: Trump has not stated any position on them.

  • Will the US be different to other countries? This is hard to say. US foreign policy tends to stay fairly steady through Republican and Democratic administrations. Trump claims to be more isolationist: he cares about America first and above all. He has said that he thinks other countries in NATO should pay more for the protection they get from NATO. He thinks Japan and South Korea should be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons to protect themselves from North Korea. And finally, he wants US foreign and military policy to be more driven by surprise.

  • Will Trump give us 🆓 food? 🆓 toys? 🆓 ponies? Probably not, Trump doesn't give anyone free anything.