❓Ask Duta: FAQ about new scheme cont'd

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Q) Can I deposit these banknotes through ATMs, Cash Deposit Machine or cash Recycler?

Yes, these Bank Notes can be deposited in Cash Deposits machines / Cash Recyclers.

Q) What do you mean by ID proof?

Valid Identity proof is any of the following: Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Pass Port, NREGA Card, PAN Card, Identity Card Issued by Government Department, Public Sector Unit to its Staff.

Q) If I have a problem, whom should I approach?

You may approach the control room of RBI by ✉ at publicquery@rbi.org.in or on ☎ 022 22602201/022 22602944

Q) Is the ₹4,000 limit for exchange of old notes one-time or a per day limit?

The RBI circular mentioning ₹4,000 limit of exchange has not stated it is per day; only limits of ATM and savings account withdrawal are stated on daily basis. From a plain reading, the interpretation is that the ₹4,000 limit is one-time only and will be reviewed by the RBI after 15 days. It seems to have been understood otherwise by some people who have circumvented this ₹4,000 limit by visiting branches of different banks with the same ID proof or with different ID proofs and some banks may not have resources or staff to cross-check the deposits.