❓Ask Duta : 🚋, ✈, 💊 ..... new currency scheme❗

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Airline✈ companies and the Indian Railways🚋, on Thursday, announced that flight✈ and rail🚋 tickets booked using old notes of ₹500 and ₹1000 will be “strictly non-refundable and won’t be cancelled". The decision on airfare was taken by Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) after noting the surge at airport counters to book tickets using old notes after the announcement of the new currency scheme ("demonetization" scheme)

The Govt. also announced🔈 that the old currency notes of ₹500 and 1000 can be used to pay utility bills like water, and electricity, taxes, fines, and penalty to the central and state governments. The exemption is available until midnight of November 11. Earlier, the ministry of roads and transport had waived off tolls on national highways till November 11.

All banks are working this weekend - November 12 and 13 - to help customers to comply with this scheme👏 ATM's should be functional in most cities as the last couple of days has seen their downtime for updates. In rural areas, updating the ATM's will take longer and the SBI chairman indicated the entire exercise might take up to 10-11 days❗