ESP 🆚 MAC Player Ratings

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🔰 De Gea 3.5/5: Stopped anything that come his way.
🔰 Nacho 3/5 : Not troubled in defence, doing well to limit Pandev’s attacks.
🔰 N Monreal 3/5 :Managed his first international goal, got into some good areas in the second half but could have been better.
🔰 D Carvajal 3.5/5: Consistently present in attack, managed a cross which ended in the opening goal and gave the assist for the third goal.
🔰 Bartra 3/5: Was tight at the back and needed to be stronger in the air.
🔰 Thiago 3.5/5: At the heart of all the Spanish attacks.
🔰 Vitolo 4/5 🌟: The most consistent attacker for Spain regularly and was rewarded with a goal.
🔰 D Silva 4/5 : Underwhelming first half but gained momentum and played a great game
🔰 Busquets 3.5/5: Built up the second goal and smothered Macedonia on the counter
🔰 Koke 3.5/5 :Managed a few inviting crosses and was committed to the game
🔰 A Morata 3/5 : Struggled on goal and had a tough ask as the sole striker.

🔰 Isco : No telling contribution.
🔰 J Callejón : No telling contribution.

🔰 Aduriz 3.5/5: Didn’t have much to do but managed to score the fourth goal


🔰 S Dimitrievski 2.5/5 : Had some great saves on debut but still managed to concede 4 goals.
🔰 D Mojsov 2.5/5 : Regularly cleared the ball with authority.
🔰 K Ristevski 2.5/5 : Was solid but should have helped Alioski more.
🔰 S Ristovski 2.5/5 :Made some good blocks, but a collision with Velkoski that ended in an own goal.
🔰 E Bardi 2.5/5 : Dropped deep and provided good cover at the back.
🔰 S Spirovski 2.5/5: Was mostly a passenger on the pitch and struggled to get involved.
🔰 F Hasani 2.5/5 : Covered a lot of ground and was good on the break but his opportunities were limited
🔰 D Velkoski 2/5 : Denied a goal right at the beginning and then scored in his own net
🔰 I Nestorovski 2.5/5 :Had a thankless performance up top.
🔰 G Pandev 2/5 : Was poor in his attempts to hold the ball up.

🔰 L Zuta : No telling contribution.
🔰 N Gjorgjev : No telling contribution.
🔰 B Ibraimi: No telling contribution.

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