It Seems Like 💋Priyanka Will Never Get Married👰🏽

  |   Priyanka Chopra / Bollywood

By Fråst🐺

Any traditional mother👵🏼 knows the importance that marriage👰🏽 holds in the 👪family & 💋Priyanka Chopra’s mother, Madhu Chopra, is no exemption. Madhu said that she was initially worried😓 about her daughter’s marriage👰🏽. However, Madhu revealed that 💋Priyanka said she was in a happy space🤔 & didn’t want marriage to upset that😯. She said🔉, “Priyanka convinced me that she is in a very happy place & asked if I wanted to upset that. I said no. Then she said, ‘Let me be.’ So, I don’t worry now.” Then again, Madhu’s explanation🤔 might just be a subtle way of saying that she did what she could to nag her daughter into marriage, & now it’s in God’s hands😜😜😜. Oh well, Priyanka, good luck! Especially with those (now forgotten) rumours about Tom Hiddleston😏. We know you're up to something!

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