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+254...3⃣ understanding myself

Dear +254...3⃣.

Thank you for asking a really fundamental question. For most of us, we're happiest when we are aware of our strengths, our weaknesses and our ability to learn from our mistakes without giving up. Being more self aware helps us to understand what makes us truly happy. Some tips for better self-understanding:

1⃣ don't be afraid of your own company

2⃣ spend a lot of time writing down your thoughts and go back over your writings periodically

3⃣ spend time focusing on your breath and find ways to be truly in the present, not regretting the past or being scared of the future

4⃣ stand up for yourself, be assertive for the things that truly matter

5⃣ be responsible for how you feel. Your reactions are your own, don't blame others for your anger, joy, fear. You're in control.

Self awareness is a very powerful thing and gives great self confidence.

Realise that it is a lifelong commitment and rewards you in many ways.

Good luck with your path to better understanding,

Duta Didi

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