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+263...4⃣ how do i make my complexion fairer _*

+91...7⃣ I have dark skin and want to be lighter

+92...6⃣ I want paler skin

Dear Friends,

Society can be wrong sometimes, pale skin is not more beautiful - anybody who thinks that it is, is so two-thousand and LATE❗️ You are as beautiful as you feel. Strive toward healthy, glowing well hydrated skin.

Love the skin you were born with and take good care of it by:

💦Hydrating well, celebs drink 4 litres of water for a healthy skin...

👒Wearing a hat in the sun

🍕Avoiding the junk

🍉Eating a nutritious, well balanced diet

Love the skin you're in, feel good and you'll look great, I promise❗️


Duta Didi

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