Supermoon: Unusually large moon lights up the sky

  |   World News

It will become its fullest at the same time as it makes its closest pass to Earth, causing it to appear unusually large, according to astronomers. Since the moon's orbit around Earth is elliptical, its distance to the planet varies between lunar cycles. The unusually big and bright Moon will appear at its most impressive just as night falls over Asia, but astronomy enthusiasts will be able to see Earth's satellite loom large anywhere in the world shortly after sunset, weather permitting.

From India to Australia, skygazers and photographers were seeking the best viewing spots in the region where the phenomenon will be visible first, hoping that cloudy skies and the perennial pollution that blights many Asian cities will not spoil the fun.

Picnics were being organised in downtown Hong Kong for residents to watch the supermoon rise over the financial hub's famous skyline, while hikers were heading to the greener, more distant corners of the Chinese city to enjoy views with less light pollution.

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