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+91...0⃣ i broke up with a girl today i'm feeling very alone what should i do now?

Dear +91...0⃣,

Sorry you're feeling bad. Here are my tips for handling a breakup like a BOSS:

1⃣ Give yourself a few days to feel terrible, vent to your friends and let it all out.

2⃣ Don't blame yourself. Good relationships require 2 people, so do breakups.

3⃣ Hang out with people who make you feel good, family and good friends.

4⃣ Enjoy your freedom, you don't have to check with anybody when you make plans, you can watch whatever you want without checking if your partner likes it.

5⃣ For some time, ensure you avoid your Ex, their friends and their family. It will give you both time to move on.

6⃣ Do more of what you enjoy.

7⃣ Focus on the other sides of your life, your studies, career, community, interests.

8⃣ Reflect on the positive things you have learned form the relationship, and the things you can do better next time.

Believe me, this breakup is a step towards finding your ideal partner❣️


Duta Didi

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