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Dear All,

Meditation is the single greatest skill anybody can learn. It has many benefits, stress reduction, more oxygen to the brain, better sleep, clearer thinking, sharper intellect and a great way to process difficult times in your life.

Here are my tips on how to meditate:

It's important that know that even experts are still working on the methods I am going to outline. Meditation is a work in progress.

1⃣ Meditate in the same place, and around the same time every day.

2⃣ Wear comfortable clothing, nothing restricting. Sit comfortably. Either:
Sit with your back straight on a chair and your feet firmly on the ground
Sit cross legged on the floor

3⃣ Start with setting a timer for 2⃣ minutes. Increase the time as you get more comfortable

4⃣ Focus on your breath. Breath in for a count of 1, 2, 3, 4 then breathe out for the same count 1, 2, 3, 4. As you get more comfortable lengthen your breaths.

5⃣ Thoughts will come to your mind, acknowledge them and then bring your focus back to your breath.

6⃣ When you're done and your timer goes off, thank yourself for investing in your well-being.

A couple of weeks of trying to do this every day you'll start to see progress.

Good luck,

Duta Didi

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