✌Modi Supportive of 👱🏼Trump’s Republican 🏛Govt.

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PM ✌Modi said that he was looking forward to working with 🇺🇸US president-elect Donald 👱🏼Trump & feels that 👱🏼Trump’s 🏛Govt. will be pro-🇮🇳India. ✌Modi said that he had good relations with the leader but didn’t elaborate further but also said that there wasn’t any reason to see any change in bilateral relations. Although ✌Modi has had a close relationship with 👦🏾Obama of the Democratic party, he said that Republicans have been friendlier to 🇮🇳India. ✌Modi recalled the 1990s when 🇺🇸US diplomat Robin Raphel, who was first assistant secretary of state for south 🌏Asia, began a controversy referring to J&K as a “disputed” territory & also backed military aid to 🇵🇰Pakistan. He said that Raphel’s ex-husband died in an air 💥crash in 🇵🇰Pakistan which also killed Zia ul Haq. ✌Modi said that it was only in 2000, when 📜Bill Clinton visited 🇮🇳India after the 🗻Kargil war that the pendulum began swinging away from 🇵🇰Pakistan & towards 🇮🇳India.

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS