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+91...6⃣ how can l catch her attention for the first time

+254...3⃣ how do i get girls to notice me?
+263...4⃣ how do i get a girl's attention

Dear All,

So, you have to realise that there's nothing more attractive than a guy who is happy in his own company. The minute you don't care about getting a girl's attention, will be the minute that they can't get enough of you.

My tips for getting the ladies to swarm around like 🐝bees to 🍯honey:

🍯Be yourself - you're no good at being anybody else

🍯Remember all the awesome things about yourself

🍯Spend your time on the things you love - you'll always be more interesting and have a lot to say in any conversation

🍯Have positive body language: stand straight, keep a smile on your face, keep your shoulders back and down

🍯Be picky, don't get too excited when any old girl comes your way. She has to be worthy of your attention

🐝Be happy, confidence is VERY hot❗️

Duta Didi

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