France's Nicolas Sarkozy faces Gaddafi payment claims

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Nicolas Sarkozy's links with Muammar Gaddafi have come under fresh scrutiny after a businessman admitted delivering three cash-stuffed suitcases from the late Libyan leader towards the Frenchman's first presidential bid.

Each time he carried a suitcase containing between 1.5 and 2m euros in 200-euro and 500-euro notes, Takieddine told the site in a video interview, saying he was given the money by Abdallah Senussi, Gaddafi's military intelligence chief.

A year later, as Sarkozy was campaigning for a second term, Mediapart published a document signed by Musa Kusa, the former Libyan intelligence boss, referring to an agreement for 50m euros [$54m at current rates] in backing from Tripoli.

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