💵Note Exchange🔀 Limit Lowered to ₹2,000😯

By Fråst🐺

🔸The 🏛Govt. lowered the exchange limit of the old ₹500 & ₹1,000 notes💵 from ₹4,500 to ₹2,000, effective tomorrow (Friday). When the 🔥💵🔥demonetization first began, the limit was at ₹4,000

🔸In addition, a ₹2.5 lakh 💵cash withdrawal from a single bank account for a wedding👰🏽 has been allowed by the 🏛Govt. Economic Affairs👔 Secretary Shaktikanta Das said🔉, “To enable larger number of people to get benefit of over-the-counter exchange of ₹500 & ₹1,000 notes, the existing limit of ₹4,500 will be reduced to ₹2,000 with effect from tomorrow. This will enable larger number of people to exchange notes. There is no cash shortage & enough cash is available.”

🔸Several banks🏦 have been unable to exchange notes in the last 2⃣ days due to a lack of supply of the required indelible ink☝ to mark the fingers of those who have exchanged notes😑. The ink rule was instated to avoid 👥people from exchanging too frequently & give others a chance to get their notes exchanged.

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