Anushka💃 as ₹1000 Note and Ash as ₹2000😅 📹:

  |   Bollywood / Anushka Sharma

By Shadowfax🐎

To lighten the mood of those😂 who are standing in long queues for converting their old notes💸 for new ones, a new spoof based on the recently released Karan Johar movie🎥 is doing the rounds. The spoof video, named 'Ae Bill Hai Mushkil', shows Ranbir to be madly in love😍 with Anushka, the 1000 rupee note before November but is now struggling with a sudden ban😑 and has found his new love in Aishwarya, the 2000 rupee note😅.

Watch it here 📹:

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